"Mellow Woman" - Original
"Mellow Woman" - Original

"Mellow Woman" - Original

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"Mellow Woman" is a compelling work of abstract art that exudes a calm and transformative energy, ideal for the creative spirit yearning for a tranquil yet powerful presence in their personal sanctuary. This painting flourishes with a harmonious blend of soft pastels and dynamic acrylics, presenting an intertwined dance of color that evokes the gentle strength of feminine energy. Each stroke and hue interlaces to portray the essence of a woman in her mellow state—self-assured, content, and resonating with the inner peace of self-acceptance. The "Mellow Woman" invites its beholder to embrace the subtleties of introspection and the profound beauty of stillness in the voyage of self-discovery and holistic fulfillment.

11 in. x 14 in. (27.9 x 35.6 cm)

Acrylic Paint + Soft Pastels on Heavyweight Bristol Paper (100 lb.)


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