Mindfulness Art Café Pop-Up Experience

Mindfulness Art Café Pop-Up Experience

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Feeling overwhelmed by the hustle of daily life? Discover a haven of peace at our Mindfulness Art Café Pop-Up.

This experience is designed for those navigating stress, burnout, overwhelm, and everyday blues. Don't worry, be happy! The Bliss Code is here to turn your blues into bliss!

Join us at Columbia's first Mindfulness Art Café Pop-Up on March 28th at 7pm! A unique evening where tea tasting meets creativity, offering an oasis of tranquility through art and exquisite tea blends. Experience the vibes that only we bring to SC - a haven for those seeking relaxation, inspiration, and connection. 🍵🎨✨

Date: March 28th @ 7pm  - 9pm | Location: Celeb Studio, 224 Oneal Ct. #19,  Columbia, SC

Event Highlights:

Gourmet Tea Tasting: Savor an array of gourmet tea blends, each meticulously chosen to soothe and invigorate.

Catered Delights: Indulge in a selection of mindfully catered selections, designed to tantalize your taste buds.

Soothing Sounds: Lose yourself in the relaxing ambiance, complemented by smooth, downtempo beats that inspire creativity and calm.

Mindfulness Stations: Embark on a journey through various stations, from art exploration to peaceful reflection areas, each designed to enhance your mindfulness practice.

Artistic Immersion: Surround yourself with original artworks displayed on the walls, transforming the space into a gallery of inspiration and expression.

Reserve Your Spot Now: Embrace serenity, creativity, and connection at Columbia's first Mindfulness Café Pop-Up. Don’t miss this unique blend of art, tea, and mindful relaxation.

Space is limited – secure your moment of bliss today!