Savannah - The Bliss Code
Savannah - The Bliss Code
Savannah - The Bliss Code
Savannah - The Bliss Code

We're on a mission ...

To create art that transforms spaces and sparks emotion, using vibrant colors and textures to turn blank canvases into expressions of life’s diverse experiences. Our offerings extend this vision, embracing products that enhance personal and environmental wellness, creating a sanctuary of comfort and beauty.

Our Vision

To redefine artistic expression by celebrating the beauty of imperfection and uniqueness...

...encouraging individuals to explore life creatively and recognize the tranquility and inspiration art brings. We aim to inspire a departure from commonplace art purchases, fostering a culture where art is a personal and distinct reflection of one's journey and the world around them.

Our Founder

Meet Jamie Drew...

"Born into a military family, I grew up across the United States, absorbing diverse cultures and landscapes that now infuse my artwork. Art has been a constant thread throughout my life, initially manifesting through poetry, and later expanding into modeling, acting, and photography. Each medium taught me new ways to express and see the world.

During the pandemic, a profound internal nudge led me to painting, which quickly became one of the most natural and fulfilling avenues of my artistic expression.

Art, for me, is a vibrant extension of self-expression—whether it's through my eclectic style, dynamic hair, or the resonant use of my voice. Each brushstroke on canvas is an outward manifestation of my inner world, exploring my curiosities and expressing my core. This creative process is not only a source of peace but also a continual stimulation of my interests, allowing me to connect deeply with both myself and my audience.

Inspired by the raw, unfiltered creativity of Jean-Michel Basquiat, my art is a reflection of spontaneity and authenticity. Basquiat’s ability to create without overthinking, letting art be an extension of his thoughts and experiences, resonates deeply with my approach. Additionally, I draw immense inspiration from the strength and resilience of women, the unfettered beauty of nature, and the everyday marvels of life. These influences remind me to embrace art as a natural, unapologetic expression of being.

I am honored to have received a $20,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for a community art project, reflecting my commitment to enriching lives through art. My journey has included multiple group exhibitions and a distinguished solo artist talk and exhibition. Additionally, my work has been featured and sold at charity auctions, and I am proud to say that collectors across the country own my original pieces.

Beyond the canvas, I have a profound love for the natural world. Hiking and immersing myself in the tranquility of beaches and forests recharges my creative spirit. My passion for travel and exploring different cultures—from tasting new cuisines to learning languages—stems from a lifetime of travel and continues to enrich my perspective and art. Each city brings a new vista, every culture offers a fresh lens through which to see the world, fueling my endless pursuit of discovery and inspiration."

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