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Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Green Tea

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Journey to Ancient Scented Elegance: Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Green Tea

Embark on a timeless voyage to China's Fujian region, where a treasured tradition unfolds. Our Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Green Tea embodies the essence of this ancient practice, where hand-picked tea leaves meet the gentle embrace of fresh jasmine flowers to create a tea of unparalleled elegance.

🍃 Crafted by Tradition: Each spring, tender tea leaves are meticulously selected and gently scented with freshly harvested jasmine blossoms. These leaves are then expertly shaped into precious pearls, holding the promise of a remarkable tea experience.

🌸 A Symphony of Aromas: As you brew this tea, you'll witness a mesmerizing transformation. The pearls gracefully unfurl into long, dragon-shaped leaves, releasing a rich and intoxicating bouquet of jasmine. The result is a heavenly smooth green tea with enchanting floral notes and subtle sweetness.

🍵 A Journey of Sip and Resip: The beauty of these pearls lies not only in their form but in their endurance. You can steep the leaves multiple times, each infusion revealing new layers of flavor and aroma.

What's Included:

  • A tea like no other, crafted with passion and tradition.


  • Jasmine Green Tea: A masterpiece of natural scenting and delicate artistry.


  • For a warm cup, steep 1 tsp. of tea at 180°F for 2-3 minutes, allowing the pearls to work their magic.
  • For a refreshing cold brew, let them steep in the fridge for 6-8 hours, a journey of patience that rewards with bliss.

Journey into the world of Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Green Tea, where history, tradition, and the art of tea-making unite. Sip, savor, and immerse yourself in an elegant tea experience like no other.