Artistic Soul Journal Club
Artistic Soul Journal Club
Artistic Soul Journal Club
Artistic Soul Journal Club
Artistic Soul Journal Club

Artistic Soul Journal Club

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Artistic Soul Journal Club: Unleash Your Creative Essence

Dive into the heart of creativity, mindfulness, and empowerment with the Artistic Soul Journal Club. Each month brings the gift of a beautifully crafted journal, featuring exclusive abstract art by our founder, designed to inspire your journey of self-discovery and artistic expression. Plus, enjoy the luxury of free shipping on all your journals, making it easier than ever to welcome creativity into your life.


Choose Your Path:

  • Monthly Membership: Start your journey with an introductory price of $22.90 upfront, then continue to fuel your creativity for $24.90 every subsequent month. This option offers the flexibility to explore new themes and artistic prompts with each journal received.

  • Quarterly Membership: Embrace a deeper dive into creativity with an upfront payment of $19.90, followed by $69.00 every three months. This plan is perfect for those ready to commit to their growth and creativity on a more extended basis, offering savings and sustained inspiration.

  • Annual Membership: For the ultimate commitment to your artistic and personal development, choose the annual path with an initial payment of $18.90, then $264.00 billed annually. This option provides the best value, immersing you in a year-long journey of transformation and exploration.

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Exclusive Journals: Each period unveils a new journal that becomes a sanctuary for your thoughts, dreams, and artistic ventures, adorned with unique, inspiring art.
  • Empowering Digital Content: Unlock access to exclusive digital content tailored to complement your journaling practice, including prompts, mindfulness exercises, and creative inspiration.
  • Vibrant Community Access: Connect with like-minded individuals through our exclusive online community, sharing your journey and drawing inspiration from others.
  • Special Discounts: Enjoy members-only discounts on our transformative workshops, empowering retreats, and other curated events designed to nourish your soul and spark your creativity.

Embark on your transformative journey with the Artistic Soul Journal Club today. Whether choosing to dip your toes monthly, immerse yourself quarterly, or dive deep annually, each option is a step towards unlocking your full potential and embracing your main character energy.